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  • Casepacker packing biscuits at the end of lineExceptional performance and quick returns from automated end-of-line packing solutions.


    Case packing is one of the few un-automated processes left in modern industries like food or pharmaceuticals, as described in this press release.

    If you’re ready to make significant improvements in packing speeds, choose Casepacker, which easily achieves more than 70 cycles per minute, putting it far ahead of filling machines or packaging machinery in conventional solutions.

    Casepacker features include:

    • High speed case filling – more than 70 case layers per minute
    • Outstanding return on investment – typically around 12 months
    • Simple to operate and set-up for different products and case sizes
    • Compact – fits into existing hand packing space
    • Low maintenance, easy to integrate, and can be used with any case erector
    • Based upon unique Quin Rtheta™ technology

    We take responsibility for design and installation of complete systems including case packers, case erectors, case sealers, conveyors and visual inspection.  Casepacker is our high-work rate and cost effective solution ideal for lines with an existing case erector.  Take a look at our packaging machine pages on our company website for more information on our range of end of line packaging machines, including Versapack™.  Versapack™ is a compact packing system with an integrated case erector that makes your line efficient and effective.

    Since 1983, Quin has been using its expert engineering skills to create the fastest, most flexible and productive machines in the world. We now offer complete automation and control solutions to industries worldwide.


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